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Global Evolution Funds Emerging Markets Corporate Debt

The Sub-Fund aims to create returns by investing in a diversified selection of investment opportunities within emerging markets transferable debt securities.  It seeks to achieve total return from income and capital appreciation by generally investing in U.S. Dollar denominated or U.S. Dollar hedged transferable investment-grade-quality or speculative-grade rating debt securities issued or guaranteed by corporations, sovereign, quasi-corporations, supra-nationals and multilaterals having their head office in, or conducting a significant part of their business in, emerging markets.

The Sub-fund may use financial derivative instruments for the purpose of hedging, investment and efficient portfolio management.  The specific risks inherent with investing in this sub-fund are: changes in legislation, counterparty, credit and market, derivatives, liquidity and settlement, emerging market, currency, market crisis and governmental intervention, management and lower rated, higher yielding and non-investment grade debt risks; please refer to “Risks of Investment” in Appendix 1 to the prospectus for a more exhaustive list.  Investors should read the KIID and Prospectus of the fund before investing.

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