Integration of Sustainability Risks

The Management Company's policy on the integration of sustainability risks in its investment decision-making process

Global Evolution Manco (the "Management Company") has implemented a policy in respect of the integration of sustainability risks in its investment decision-making process. The Management Company and/or the relevant appointed investment manager (the "Investment Manager") take into consideration sustainability risks when taking investment decisions.

Separately, the Management Company has integrated sustainability risks in its risk management process.

Sustainability risk, means an environmental, social, or governance event or condition, that, if it occurs, could cause a material negative impact on the value of an investment and/ or returns from that asset. Sustainability risks can either represent a risk of their own or have an impact on other risks and may contribute significantly to risks, such as market risks, operational risks, liquidity risks or counterparty risks.

Integration of sustainability risk may vary depending on the strategy, assets and/or portfolio composition of the sub-funds within Global Evolution Funds Sicav (the "Sub-Funds"). The Management Company and/or the Investment Manager may make use of specific methodologies and databases into which environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data from external research companies, as well as own research results, are incorporated. Assessment of sustainability risks is complex and may be based on ESG data which is difficult to obtain and incomplete, estimated, out of date or otherwise materially inaccurate. Even when identified, there can be no guarantee that these data will be correctly assessed.

To the extent that a sustainability risk occurs, there may be a sudden, material negative impact on the value of an investment, and hence on the net asset value of a Sub-Fund.

The integration of sustainability risks in the investment decision process may have the effect of excluding profitable investments from the investment universe of the Sub-Fund and may also cause a Sub-Fund to sell investments that will continue to perform well.

Appreciation of sustainability risk is to a degree subjective and there is no guarantee that all investments made by the Sub-Fund will reflect beliefs or values of any particular investor on sustainable investments.

A sustainability risk could materialize as the occurrence of an environmental, social or governance event or condition causing material negative impact on the value of one or several investments and thus negatively affecting the returns of a Sub-Fund.

Sustainability risks can lead to a significant deterioration in the financial profile, profitability or reputation of an underlying investment and thus may materially impact its market price or liquidity.